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May 23, 2011
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WPN: Rieu Ai by aeriia WPN: Rieu Ai by aeriia
EDIT: [link] Rieu's initial design, younger self, and her brother Narita


I hope it's okay if Rieu isn't one of the "good guys" ^^; I tried not to make her too strong or final boss-like. XD And I also apologize ahead of time if her back story sounds really pretentious >__< There are many details that I want to include which would make everything sound more sensible and believable but I think 1000+ words of wall of text is enough for most people to handle >_<;; Maybe I will write a manga for her to explain her story more!

Anyways! I hope I get in! :aww:


Name: Rieu (Ree-u) Ai (originally Aizawa)
Age: 14
Height/Weight: 5 feet/95lbs
Puella Group: Charlotte
Job: waitress at doll shop/cafe

-Summon illusions, usually in the form of dolls

-Ability to create new worlds/realms which makes her similar to a witch—but she can’t alter worlds and realities not of her own creation (like the real world and other witch’s realms) aside from creating portals. In addition, the worlds she creates are limited and usually short lasting because they take up a lot of soul gem energy to sustain

-Can build connections between different realms (so she can pass through various witch’s realms, connect them to her own, and connect them all to the real world, thereby
dangerously opening more portals to the witch’s realms)
-Her doll Jiko and illusions defend her, but otherwise she is extremely vulnerable---especially because her wish was uttered out of bitterness and insecurity

-Confusion through illusions

-Her strongest confusion-based attack can fool witch or witch’s minions into attacking the witch herself. It deals critical damage most of the time, but this can only be used once per battle as it uses up a great deal of power.

-Relies on illusion summons for physical attacks and defense—varying degrees of effectiveness depending on specific witch

-Great speed and dodge (her wish has to do with escaping)

Wish: “I wish I can go somewhere where no one will be able to find me”

Rieu’s heart (deep deep deep down) is good but she became spoilt and selfish because of the pampering she received. Her “timely” entry into the witch’s realms fully exploited this selfishness and twisted it into something darker—whereas if Rieu had remained in the real world with her family, she could have been gradually guided in the right direction. She loves her mother and brother but normally she is too self-absorbed to consider their feelings and needs and so becomes a demanding brat.

-loyal (she can be!)
-outgoing and charming
-idealistic (it's hard to's true. :iconheplz:)
-to be honest: somewhat like Hitler, without the racism. ._.

dolls (even ugly ones), “experimenting” with people (testing their reactions, scaring them, etc), young children, sweets, artworks, hide and seek, tag, puzzles, and stories

rules, shoddy crafts, inattentiveness to appearance, people who live “meaninglessly”, drunks, perverts, being separated from Jiko (Rieu feels afraid and physically weak without her), being ignored

Rieu was born into a somewhat poor family. Her mother (a widowed dollmaker) and brother Narita worked hard to shelter her from the corruption that belonging to the lower rungs of society would usually (prematurely) expose her to by giving her everything a normal girl would have while supporting the illusion that the world is a beautiful place. Whenever Rieu was near any of the “darkness” Narita would drag her away so she couldn’t see it or make up an innocent account of what was happening (like “everything is just a game”). In order to take her away from the bleak world, Narita frequently made up fantastical worlds where he and Rieu would play together, and Rieu believed from the very beginning that these worlds actually existed and never learned to differentiate fantasy from reality.

Narita also made a doll (similar to Kokeshi) for Rieu, to keep her company, because she doesn’t play with the other children. This doll (which Rieu names “Jiko”) will follow Rieu for the rest of her life, even after she has long forgotten who gave it to her (this will be explained later!).

Rieu’s brother and mother adored her (and they loved her all the more because she looked as sweet as a doll). However, this pampering actually spoiled Rieu and she quickly became a selfish and manipulative child, taking the love she was given for granted. She also became extremely attached to and possessive of her brother (because he is exceptionally beautiful and gentle) and would throw jealous fits whenever she thought he cared about others more than he cared about her.

When Narita was fourteen (Rieu is eight) he started caring for a young woman (before he would usually only hang out with boys, so Rieu consoled herself by thinking “I am the only girl he will ever love”), and spent less time with his sister. Rieu became furious and threw a huge tantrum, afraid that her brother will stop caring about her. Narita became concerned with his sister and tried to speak/comfort/reason with her. After a bitter fight, she ran away from him and found Kyuubey waiting for her (yes, it’s sudden. But Kyuubey is kind of sudden). When he asked her what would make her feel better and she impulsively and bitterly responded, “I wish I can go somewhere where no one will be able to find me, especially not my brother”. Kyuubey asked if she really wanted this, and Rieu not perceiving the gravity of the situation rashly said, “I would give anything for it”. Kyuubey then told her that he could grant her wish, but that in exchange she would have to do a service for him and Rieu, out of curiosity and spite, agreed. With the words, “Just take me away”, she accepted Kyuubey’s contract (thinking that her disappearance would hurt her brother enough for him to realize her pain and care about her like he did before).

After turning her into a puella magi, Kyuubey sent Rieu to the other realm, into a world entirely of her creation where her imagination and will determined everything. Rieu was overjoyed, finally being able to physically experience the fantastical worlds where she and her brother played before. But this world is parallel with many of the witch’s worlds, which exist in the same realm, so it was also very dangerous and unstable. Sustaining her world took a grisly toll on her soul gem and so she, initially led by Kyuubey, passed into the witch’s realms often to battle and accumulate grief seeds. As a result, over time Rieu became skilled in creating portals between witch realms and entered them with increasing frequency (sometimes just to “play”). As she spent more time in this other realm, Rieu began to lose her memories of the real world (due to supernatural factors because naturally it would be difficult to lose memories this quickly) and even (deceived by the witches) came to believe that this alternate world is the real one. She also became heavily influenced by the witches, which led her to adopt skewered values and behavioral standards. Unrestrained, her spoilt selfish nature evolved into something more cruel and violent, but some of her initial humanity (especially because she is with Jiko, which links her to the real world and is a embodiment of her brother’s love for her as well as her attachment to him) remain. She faintly remembers her family but there is a blank when she thinks of exactly what it is she is missing. Jiko alleviates this emptiness (which is why Rieu cannot be separated from Jiko).

After mastering her powers, Rieu was able to travel from this abstract realm back into the real world via her portals (by this time she is 13 years old and has spent over five years in the abstract realm, and hence has lost or distorted many of her memories in the real world). She begins to formally interact with other puella magi and becomes partners with another girl her age. They become friends over time, and Rieu begins to care about people other than herself during this period, but in a difficult mission, Rieu, under the influence of the witch, loses control of herself and ends up killing her friend. She manages to pull out of the witch’s realm before her own death, but the murder further taints her soul and Rieu, horrified, tries to harden herself—and ends up forcing herself to become numb to pain—which drives her further down the path to cruelty and indifference.

-Rieu’s energy animates Jiko, even in the real world—but this takes a regular bite from her soul gem even when she is not in puella magi form.

-Jiko’s activities use her power and the more active Jiko is, the more quickly her soul gem becomes tainted

-Jiko can be manipulated by witches, but usually this doesn’t happen unless Rieu’s soul gem is very tainted or if she is very weak

-Can be controlled/influenced by witches much more easily than other puella magi when she enters their realm

-Because Rieu spent many years in other realms she is mature in terms of being a puella magi (near mastery over her powers and the magic reserve she has) but she is emotionally immature, which causes her to lose control

-Because her wish had to do with vengeance and escape, she can create portals (escape), but the portals are linked to witches (vengeance)

-After she left the real world and her family: gradually became more and more selfish and cruel because in her own worlds she had control over nearly everything and no one ever taught her to stop or realize her limits, she was spoiled by the lack of authority

-She has been separated from her family for a long time and her memories of them are faded and confused with those from her imagination.

-Has forgotten her full last name Aizawa, so she can only remember “Ai”.

-Sometimes attacks puella magi instead of witches in order to steal grief seeds because puella magi (especially young and inexperienced ones) are easier to defeat than witches—she prefers this method as a result of her having no physical attacks and almost no practical aggressive spell

-Rieu is attracted to the doll shop because it reminds her of something (her faded memories of her home and mother—who made dolls) and makes her feel at home
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